4 Powerful Haitian Women on the rise

Nowadays, no one can truly spend a day without checking their personal social media platforms. It being Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or blogs. That’s where we share our personal thoughts, upcoming events, breaking news and more. Can we even imagine a world without them anymore ? Seriously, try picturing it ?

So, why not turn to social media platforms to promote Haiti?

Four famous Haitian women started their career using social platforms. They utilized blogs, Instagram and other platforms  as tools to educate others about Haiti, but also to share about their Haitian heritage and their own accomplishments .

As you learn more about the path of those women, you may also fall in love with Haiti.

Paola Mathé

MathéeeeeeRecently featured in the article Young People Use Gorgeous Instagram Pics To Show There’s More To Haiti Than Poverty , Paola Mathé comes out as an enthusiast activist of her Haitian heritage. Mathé writes in her blog Finding Paola, and  posts frequently on Instagram and Twitter. She voices the reality of Haiti, a poor and a beautiful country that is developing .

Mathé is also the owner of a head wrap collection , called Fanm Djanm meaning  strong woman in creole. She explained that Fanm Djanm is more than a collectio but a  movement in an interview in Ayiba magazine. She said, “I named the line Fanm Djanm, because I wanted the Creole word to be known around the world and also to prove to Haitian people that you can be sophisticated, educated, and worldly – all while wearing a headwrap.”

Whether through Finding Paola and/or Fanm Djamm, watch out for Paola Mathé as she rises through success promoting about Haiti!

Sandra Florvella-Pierre

SandraIHWSandra Florvella-Pierre is the administrator of the thriving and successful Instagram (@haitian_businesses) and Facebook account Haitian Businesses, which promote Haitian businesses and of course the paradise hot spot, Haiti.

Discover more about Sandra in her biography.
“My name is Sandra Florvella-Pierre,  I’m a wife, mother of 2 , entrepreneur and a proud Haitian. I grew up in Cap Haitien, Haiti and left the country at age 15. While living in Florida I obtained a Bachelors degree in Business Administration at Lynn University, Boca Raton Florida. I have been working in local government administration for over 13 years. I truly enjoy my family and I’m proud follower of Christ.
Everyone who knows me personally, will tell you that I’m always there helping in some way or another. That’s one of the reason why I was inspired to start the page Haitian Businesses. The goal is to be the bridge who connect our businesses together. We have so many talented individuals among us and the lack of information have prevented us from learning about each other. When it comes to promote Haiti and it’s beauty that’s something every Haitian owe to the country. As Haitians if we truly live by our motto ” L’Union Fait La Force” we can accomplish unimaginable things not only for ourselves but for Haiti.”

 Karen Civil


Marketing guru, Karen Civil made hot news in November 2014 when she donated $ 41000 to build the Live Civil Playground in collaboration with Sow a Seed and Project Play World. The playground is being constructed using environmentally safe materials to create a sustainable environment in Haiti.

Civil is a Haitian-American. She started as a blogger and interned at prestigious radios and music trademark in New York, according to an article on Kreyolicious. Civil is now a powerful influencer in the music industry. She has worked with a lot of musicians such as Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj, and Tyga to name a few. Learn more about Civil in her website Karencivil.com and Livingcivil.com.

Kat Cherie


Kat Cherie (better known as Kreyolicious) is the founder of the website http://Kreyolicious.com. She started the brand to showcase a positive image of Haiti and Haitian culture. The site won the Best International Blog and Best Blog Post Series honors at the 10th Annual BlackWeb Log Awards, and was nominated for the Best Kept Secret Blog award at the 2015 Bloggies. Kreyolicious is one of many projects. She’s also the founder of Haitist, a digital portal that promotes Haiti travel and tourism.

From those four powerful women, we can learn that social media platforms are tools that cannot be overlooked as a major source of Information.

By Jade Pierre, Digital Marketing Intern


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