Top 5 Exhibitions During Art Basel Week

5 Exhibitions to visit during Art Basel week    

By Jade Pierre

The Haitian Heritage Museum receives multiple art supporters during Art Basel  Week . In our art  exhibitions we share Haiti’s history, culture and traditions through the eyes of an Artist. Our attendees experience the Haitian culture first hand. This year, International Haitian Artist , Charles Jean Pierre will  hold  an exhibition entitled “Haiti Contemporary- Les Jacmeliens IV”.


Charles Jean Pierre, International Haitian American Artist

HHM IS  excited about Art Basel and would like to invite you guys to visit our Top 5 exhibitions during Art Basel week.

Our Top 5

1. Cernuda Art Gallery


If you a fan of cuban culture , this  is the place to  visit during Art Basel Week.  Cernuda Art Gallery, which is famous for Cuban art  will be having an  exposition on “ Cuban Masters and Cuban Contemporary Art” with 18 artworks of famous artist Wifredo Lam. The exhibition will be held from  December 2nd to 7th.

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2. Institute of Contemporary Art


It’s a brand new addition to the design district. It would be a shame not to check the new point of view this museum is bringing to the design district.

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3. Brisky Gallery


This gallery will have daily exhibitions on Black Art in America from December 3rd to 7th.  This is a great opportunity to learn about the differences and similarities between the African  and Haitian Culture.

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4. Marine Stadium

marine stadium

Art can also support great causes. To celebrate  Miami  Marine Stadium , there will be a pop art exhibitions  with 23 artist  exposing their works. The money from the paintings will be towards the restoration of Miami Marine Stadium.  Help out  and  support this great cause.

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5. Lyric Lobby Gallery


This gallery is also known as “The Historic Lyric Theater” will  have an exhibition called “A man Among the people: A purvis Homecoming”  at The Historic Lyric  Theater Cultural Arts Complex .

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